High Q Dental

Centauri Portable Headlight

Brilliant, Portable Halogen Illumination. Positioning Bar NOT Included - please order separately if needed.
newheadband/HIQ1500tn-a HIQ 9500 Centauri Headlight
When maximum mobility is the goal, High Q delivers with the Centauri Portable Halogen Headlight. Battery, charger, and transformer not included. Spot size adjustment included.

newheadband/HIQ1600tn-a HIQ 1600 Centauri headlight system
Centauri 2 Portable Halogen Headlight For full system, also order: Ecopac Rechargeable Battery Pack 100-240v Transformer Battery Charger

newheadband/HIQ1600tn-a HIQ 1600-OS Centauri headlight system for over seas.
Centauri 2 Portable Halogen Headlight Ecopac Rechargeable Battery Pack 100 - 240v Transformer 100 - 240v Charger

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